An amazing film from Ormond Beach, 1905, was recently posted on youtube.  If you go 3:40  seconds into the film, Walter Christie in his 1905 Blue Flyer can be seen coming around a turn.  He seems to have a little trouble getting his front wheel drive car slowed for the turn.  Several other competitors have the same problem.  It's amazing to see a Christie in action !

Walter Christie's 1903 & 1904 cars seem to have disappeared from public records by late 1904.  However, Walter unveiled his latest model at the Ormond Beach races in January, 1905.  See photo below. Scientific American magazine wrote an article about the car dated January 28. This article includes invaluable technical detail, including some dimensions as well as a cross-section drawing of the front drive mechanism. 

The 1905 Christie was raced all throughout the year, wrapping up the season at the Vanderbilt Cup race in October.  As usual, Walter did most of the driving.

The car was extensively modified for the big July 4 races at Morris Park, NY.  Christie attached what was probably his 1903 engine/drive axles to the rear of the 1905 racer.  See photo below.  Now he had 4 wheel drive and more power.  He was competitive, but Webb Jay's specially-built White steam racer was untouchable on short dirt track events that summer.
After blowing up the rear engine in September, Christie prepared the car for the October Vanderbilt Cup races.  Walter is shown below preparing to give George Robertson some front wheel drive lessons.  Apparently to no avail, as George blew 3 tires and barely completed half distance in the American Elimination Trial.  Walter took the wheel for the main Vanderbilt Cup event.